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Kai Sisu

Status: Leader of the faelti
Race: faelti
Age: unknown
Parents: unknown
Tribe: expelled from Maa tribe
Fact: he is Clay's father

"Curiosity is dangerous."

“The past is irrelevant.”

"Love has always been the weakest part of a person. It is intoxicating to toy with.” 

“Making a deal with you broke my family apart. I can’t even imagine what you would ask of me, but I know it wouldn’t be anything good. There is no way I would ever allow myself to be in debt to you. And if that means I never get to see Clay again, then so be it. I would rather lose him than help you.” - Abigail

“He toyed with me, learned the deepest secrets of my heart... Have you ever had your heart ripped from your chest and crushed in front of you? Have you ever felt your inner self torn to pieces because of the actions of another? He broke me down, piece by piece, until I was nothing but an empty shell.” - Levana

“Kai’s deals always end up with him getting what he wants, not the other way around.” - Maarika



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Prince Selwyn

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