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Author Announcement

This is just a quick blog to share some announcements:

1. I will be in Japan on vacation from September 19 to 23. Follow me on Instagram (@rachelpudsey) to see pictures!

2. I will be participating in a Facebook group takeover on September 29, 7.30 to 8pm EDT time. Check it out here:

3. I will be doing a takeover on Maria's Stories September 24th. Come join me:

4. Check out some of the new titles added to the Discover Shelf from my author friends:

5. My books are going on tour! During October and November you may find my work in some favorite book blog sites. I'll keep you posted once I have more information on the line-up.

6. Coming soon - The Aronia Series swag bag competition! I'll let you know more about that next month :D

7. Random -- in one of my classes this week my student and I ended up talking about the theme tunes to old cartoons. Check out my favorites and feel free to share yours in the comments section!

The Racoons:

Sylvanian Families:



Pokemon the Korean version:

8. The Faelti is participating in All Author's cover of the month competition in October. Check it out and vote! This link takes you to September's covers but it will change in October so watch out for it :D

That's it for now.

Stay Gold :D

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4 commentaires

Membre inconnu
26 sept. 2018

Booksandcaffeine, here is he link if you want to hear it:


Membre inconnu
19 sept. 2018

Good one Sharon! My bro did an excellent guitar cover of gummi bears!


Sharon Rossi
Sharon Rossi
19 sept. 2018

gummi bears!

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