Goodreads 2020

I did it! I surpassed my reading challenge for this year! If I am honest, I didn't expect to. But with all the chaos of this year, and all the study, I surpassed my goal! It was 15 and I managed 17! Wooop!

Okay. Okay. Let me confess something. Frequently, I deliberately selected a book I knew to be short. But hey, needs must when you are a reader like me—slow and forever falling asleep after a few pages. I think I have now associated reading with bedtime that my brain going into auto-shutdown as soon as it snags a whiff of a page. It isn't quite the end of the year, but I am in doubt that I'll get my current read finished before January—and am contemplating putting it aside for A Christmas Carol, anyway.

So without further ado, let me tell you what I read this year with the review I posted.

Number One:

** spoiler alert **

Four Stars.

I am a fan of Holly's writing. And her world building can't be faulted. First, I love that Cardan became the leader he should be. I've loved him as a character. And Holly worked on character development through the series. The story kept me in like the other 2 and ended well. So why 4?

1. There is a sexy scene (not full sex) in the book that verges away from YA and into adult. I didn't expect it and don't think it should be in there. (Sorry)

2. The snake. I didn't like this twist. It felt to me like it didn't fit into the world.

Maybe it is just me. What did you think?

Number Two:

Four Stars.

I liked the 2nd half of the story when Violet goes off to the school to start anew. I found it engaging :)

Seems I didn't really write much in this review (sorry Maria).... Judging by the dates I read it, I think I was editing Aaravale at the time if not launching it.

Number Three: