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The Adventures of Voldemort

**This is a long post. I didn't intend it to be. But through writing it I felt myself opening up and sharing more.**

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little stuck in a rut? My working life has always gone that way. I find a job that is challenging and new, and then reach the point where there is nothing more to learn, leading right into a sense of itchy feet. My lack of complacency builds until I get too antsy and I know now, since this has been a repetitive cycle, that it is that point that I should move onto something new.

For me, work life is not about finding that one career to stick to. It is about finding something that I can put my heart and passion into, something that pushes me to be the best of myself in that job. I am creative, competitive, and a bit of a perfectionist. And out of all the ideas and dreams and jobs that I have tried or daydreamed about, being a novelist is the one that stuck my entire life. Perhaps because doing it as a full time profession is one of the hardest things to achieve.

My point?

Lately I have been getting that antsy-pantsy feeling. I've been a teacher of almost 7 years - which has to be the longest I've stayed in any career, and I've hit the ceiling that leads to nowhere. In this industry, and dare I say especially in Korea, there isn't much room for advancement. I've already been head teacher (not the same as principal -it's basically the leader of the teachers who has to speak with management -- it's a business after all). The next step would either be becoming a university teacher, curriculum developer or starting up my own school ($$$!! :,( ). My teaching passion seems to lie in IELTS prep or interview prep or helping workers draft their business emails and presentations so I assume my company would be connected to that. Ideally, I would like to be a freelance teacher specializing in those aspects, allowing more time for writing. This however, due to visa restrictions, is not so possible now. But it could be later, should I choose to go back to school (something I am also contemplating).

But that's my style. Always thinking. Always thinking. Writing... planning... not always doing. Gosh, it took a near death experience to get off my bottom and head over to Korea!

I am in that "I don't know what to do next" mind that we all get at certain times. Since work takes up the majority of our day, I am a firm believer of doing what you enjoy NOT what brings the best financial return. In this one life, live it mentality, we must seek out something that we enjoy and not that job that fills the gap between free time activities. That's my feeling anyway.

I've noticed how serious I have become these last few years. Those who knew me in my younger years knows how mad and energetic I was. Through a conversation with a coworker recently, I realised I need part of that girl back. She's been stifled by my experiences, my maturity, my heartaches, my work, my psychologist side that digs into human behavior and sees the darker side, that part of me that keeps listening to Korean people complain about Hell Joseon 헬조선 (meaning that "South Korea is close to hell and hopeless society"). I miss the days when the media wasn't bombarding us with story after story of tragedy and pain and suffering and the Trumpet. I miss the bliss of ignorance I had as a child going to the outdoor swimming pool with my best friend, even in the pouring rain, to pretend to be mermaids. Sometimes we adults need to go out and play and pretend to mermaids darnnabit!

With all that being said, I have came up with my own little side project to help me feel a little more childish and a little less stuck. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will already know what I am talking about and perhaps the rest of you can guess from the title of this blog. I am story blogging adventures in Korea using little Funko pop dolls. Here are some images:

If you want to follow my Instagram you can find me at:

That's my ramble over for today. In other news:

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Stay Gold, lovelies, Stay Gold.

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John Harrell
John Harrell
20 ago 2018

"Near death experience..." -- whaaaaaat?! We're a generation stuck between tradition and revolution - stay at a job for plus minus 50 years vs. 3 careers in one life, all alongside hobbies, then early retirement. Respectively. So float in whatever direction fills your fancy. There will be time to change if all putters out. But don't make complacency be your ambition. Make it impressing yourself.

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