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Got a new book out? Want more readers? Want to participate in an author interview? Welcome to Discover. This is the place where Rachel provides a free service to help others get more exposure.


Rachel is providing three services:


1. Interview - this is for a variety of people: artists, writers, bloggers, teachers, motivational speakers, service providers...anyone working in a creative area looking to expand their circles and be discovered by others. The interviews will be posted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on a Wednesday. Rachel will provide a list of questions for you to choose from.


2. Book Banner Host - Authors looking to share their work will be asked to provide: a banner, purchase links, teaser or short extract, and social links. Book Banners are posted according to the author's desired schedule and are only temporary. When the page gets too full older banners will be removed.


3. Book Feature - a wall of recommended books that is like an online bookshelf. This is the fastest and easiest method for Rachel to provide. You will be asked to provide a 3D book image (book or e-reader style) along with one link for purchase or to the author's website. If you don't have one, you can make one easily here. PNG preferred for transparent background. The books will be shuffled regularly so as to allow positional fairness. 



Before contacting Rachel regarding which feature you'd like, please consider the following:



What movie rating would you give your book? Anything rated 15 or over may not appeal to Rachel's readers. Consider: would a Harry Potter fan like my book?


Is the book YA, fantasy, family-friendly, Christian, light, humorous, romantic or clean? Rachel's readers and followers seem to favor these. 


Rachel prefers to read YA, fantasy, adventure, cozy mysteries, crime thrillers, historical novels and may not recommend books that don't appeal to her. Rachel's favourites include: Harry Potter series, Brent Weeks (not so "clean"), Brandon Sanderson, Mario Puzo, The Golem and the Jinni, Jane Austen, Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Series, S. E. Hinton, Terry Pratchett (oh yes!!), Neil Gaiman, The Princess Bride, J. R. R.Tolkein, C. S. Lewis, classic 80's adventure movies, Once Upon a Time (not the last few seasons), Gotham, Jane the Virgin, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99... The Selection by Kiera Cass was all right... Twilight was addictive the first read, terribly weird the second time - STALKER ALERT ...run away Bella!! ... wouldn't read it now - too old I guess... Vampires are not my thing. Fallen Angels are not so appealing. Not a Sci-Fi reader, but will watch some movies. Rachel loves a laugh and nothing too serious.


Does the book contain sex, strong violence, or profanity? It probably won't be accepted. 


Are you indie published? Have your books been edited professionally?


Does your book cover look professional? Do you have a 3D image of the cover? This is necessary if you choose the book feature option (#3). If you don't, you can make one easily here. PNG format preferred.

If you don't have a premade banner you cannot participate in option 2. Rachel does not design banners for others.


Rachel is not offering a review service but does review books she reads on Goodreads. She knows it is really hard to find reviewers, especially since Amazon has become way too mean. Like, come on, my family and friends ACTUALLY like my books. Why can't they write a review?? GRRR... Try not to link your Facebook to Amazon. They are watching.


Please follow Rachel on Twitter and like her Facebook page. She will post links to featured books on her social sites. How else will you know about your feature if you don't follow? Subscription to this website is not necessary but encouraged. All blog posts sent out to subscribers are connected to Rachel's books, website, writing life, general musings, or life in Korea. Updates on the site are included in the blog. The blog is linked to Goodreads. Sharing this site or following Rachel will ultimately help your exposure (and Rachel's). 


Featured books, book banners, and interviews are selected by Rachel based on what she believes her readers will like or what she finds interesting.  


Feel free to get in touch and request which service you want to get involved with: 

Your options: 1. Interview; 2. book banner; 3. Book feature. Please specify which one you'd like - see the Discover tab for ideas if you are unsure. Rachel is open to featuring authors in more than one section so please specify if that's what you want. Rachel will be in touch with instructions after you message her.


Please note that Rachel is very busy and might not be able to update some features as quickly as she would like. Most interviews and tours should be featured on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Book features are simpler to feature and can be updated more regularly.

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