Featuring Short Stories from TE Bradford, James Quinlan Meservy, Rachel Pudsey, Alicia Scarborough, and Maria Vermisoglou!

Burning Embers is a social media based community of authors, where authors discuss, share ideas, and support one another. It is a group that I have had a hand in helping to grow along with the fabulous authors listed above.

"It takes a community to rise above the ashes of obscurity."

Join five of the founding members as they share fiery tales, and explore new worlds.

*Half of the proceeds will go to supporting the Burning Embers community, and half will go to supporting Red Cross.

Kai Sisu lurks in the shadows, threatening the fate of an entire land. He is a creature of legend. A myth. A being that no longer exists. Except, he does. And he is ready to take everything. 

So when an opportunity arises that will change the fate of Aronia to his benefit, how could he refuse? Even if it means doing the abhorrent. Even if it means allying himself with a woman who wants him to do the unspeakable.


Because Kai Sisu always gets what he wants—no matter the cost. 

It’s only the fate of Aronia in his hands. 

© Copyright Rachel Pudsey 2020