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Stories about faeries have captivated people the world over - children and adults alike.

Join us in tales of mischief, wonder and adventure where creatures of light and dark await.

Featuring 14 stories by 13 authors.

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Past Anthologies

No longer in print

BBB Publishings presents Timeless Tales.


Get lost in a collection of mythological stories from all pantheons featuring some of the most famous gods and goddesses and some you may have never heard of, as well as things that go bump in the night.


BBB publishings presents A Modern Fairytale Anthology.


Immerse yourself in a collection of fantastical fairytales retold with a modern twist. From your beloved favorites to a few tales long since forgotten, fall down the rabbit hole to discover worlds of fantasy, intrigue, and romance as we reinvent them like you've never seen before.

Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole’s retelling of Hansel and Gretel told to you by seven of your favorite authors. Each story will either tantalize, scare, titillate or all of the above in this exciting multi-genre anthology.

Each author will give you a version of Hansel and Gretel never told before.

Do you dare take the plunge?

Come and join us…Down the Rabbit Hole!

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