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Fairy Glen, Skye

Isn't it stunning?

Since I am working on a book set in Scotland (and Korea), I've been deep into the folklore of the Good Neighbours ( aka the Fair Folk). I was tapping out a scene in which my good guys have a battle with some Sluagh, soul sucking, vile creatures otherwise known at the Host, and I wanted this scene to be epic, magical, set deep in the magical Scottish countryside. And then someone shared their trip to this gorgeous place on Facebook and the rest is history. I had to use this place as my inspiration, as the setting for this epic battle filled with witches, warriors, magic and Fey.

I haven't specified that the fight is in this specific location. Prior to discovering this gem, I'd already committed to a place called Merlin's Crag (from Scottish folk tale - The Fairies of Merlin's Crag—which inspired a short story available in this anthology—but edited it after a confusion of how the place was imagined by my writing feedback group. So I changed its name to Merlin's Tower, basing it upon the one you see in the above picture, Castle Ewan.

So, looking at this picture, I want you to imagine that ring. Instead of stones, shards of planetary metals stick out, put there by witches to enhance the magic of a portal. Imagine brute men and women around that point, armed with swords, ready to attack any Sluagh that don't get pulled into it. The cliffs surrounding that ring are teeming with archers and witches, shooting at a swarm of wyverns in the sky. At Merlin's tower, there are four men, guardians of four objects that are essential to open and close that portal. Now imagine it's pouring with rain. Great fat drops lashing down on those warriors and witches fighting those terrifying creatures.

If you search on Google for the Fairy Glen, Skye, you will find some incredible images of this magical place. This website also has some excellent photos as well as some history about the place.

Scotland has so much magic in its nature. So much to inspire my stories. I can't wait for you all to read this new tale I'm working on. I can't really say yet when it will be released. I expect to finish writing and editing next year (hopefully the middle) and then send it out into the big, bad publishing world. My previous works were indie published, but this time I will seek an agent.

Until next time.

Stay Gold.


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