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A View from my Window

As you know, I have started an MA in Creative Writing. Each week we have writing challenges based on certain styles or techniques. I thought I might share these pieces with you in my blog for two reasons.

First, because I am a writer after all! And it gives you a chance to get a feel of my work.

Second, to prompt you, if you are someone who wants to write or already does, to write your own under 500 piece. You can even share yours below in the comments if you wish!

A View from My Window

The window is open, for I can’t see outside it when it’s closed. The cool autumnal breeze brings in a waft of cigarette smoke. The longer my window is open, the worse my headache gets. The view is nothing but a brick wall of the most hideous colour, like an egg that’s rolled into a muddy puddle. There is a window directly across from mine. It is open, but the view is forever blackness. A dark, daunting square leading to a place I don’t want to go.

A bird squealed for a while, but she left, as I probably should, since there is the continuous pounding of construction work filling the morning air. It’s drilling into my already aching head. I can hear the occasional voice calling out in Korean, I even got the pleasure of hearing someone cough up phlegm—probably the smoker. The sound, the smells, the view, are all reminders that I miss Scotland's beauty.

I wish to be frolicking in nature. I wish to be on Jeju Island, the place I go when I am at my lowest. When I need a nature fix. Time for a trip.

That's it.

Stay Gold,


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