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An Instance that Taught me Something

Week 2:

Warning: this writing piece contains one mild curse word.

As you know, I've started an MA in Creative Writing. Each week we have writing challenges based on certain styles or techniques. I thought I might share these pieces with you in my blog for two reasons.

First, because I am a writer after all! And it gives you a chance to get a feel of my work.

Second, to prompt you, if you are someone who wants to write or already does, to write your own under 500 piece. You can even share yours below in the comments if you wish!

An Instance that Taught me Something

I leaned towards the bathroom mirror and dabbed on some lipstick. She lingered beside me; ruler thin with plenty of black hair.

“Rachel,” she said while music from the bar filtered through the closed door. “Do you like me?”

“Of course, I like you,” I replied, smiling. “Why do you think I don’t?”

“Because every time I walk in, it looks like you’re growling at me.”

Baffled, I glanced at my reflection. At lips that naturally frown. I moved my head a little and looked at myself as I would her. As I would at anything that moved. I see the way my eyes stare back; at the dip in my lips that seems like a grimace.

I turned back to her. The air is as thick as the smoke in the pub we’re in. I plastered on my biggest smile. “That’s just my face.”

Thankfully, she returned my laugh and left me with my reflection.

Yup, I thought. I have resting bitch face.

I based this on true events—LOL—and I must admit she is not the first person to misunderstand my face. Unless I hold a constant smile, I seem to be unapproachable and grimacing, which is way face from my personality. How ironic.

The End.

Stay Gold,


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