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Are Idle Moments Crucial for Creativity?

Do you ever disconnect from Wifi and let your mind empty? I’ve realised that I don’t. Not really. In the few minutes I have to spare, I am reaching for my phone to pass time with a game, add items to my online grocery cart, jot down ideas or items on my to do list. Rarely do I sit with a cup of tea or coffee and just gaze out the window or at the bug-splattered walls of my house. As soon as I wake up, the first thing I do is checking my messages, pop the kettle on, and spend about 30 minutes on my phone.

Last week, I was reminded that idle moments are important. That idle times can turn out to be very busy creatively. Back when I was a university student, I took a bus for about forty minutes from home to the school. This was a time when we had mobile phones, but they weren’t so smart. I had to pass the time in another way. For me, it was either reading a book or writing one. When I worked in a bakery that didn’t have many customers, I stood in the back of the shop doing the same thing: reading or writing.

But it seems like these days I am always busy doing something. And more often than not, I’m on my computer or phone.

Reading this article by Elle Metz brought this to my attention, and I can’t forget it.

Why idle moments are crucial for creativity

She is right. We are not letting our minds wander as they should, and it could prevent us from having fresh, new ideas. I remember countless song ideas when in the shower. Or fresh story concepts when walking around. Or when I am getting ready to sleep and the new idea invades. Most of the best ideas that have popped into my head did so when I wasn’t thinking about it.

So from now on I am scheduling idle time into my life. Who knows what new ideas I’ll come up with!

How about you? Do you take the time to relax and let your mind wander? Do you have any personal methods to bring out your creativity? Comment below :)

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