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Updated: Jul 9, 2018

These last few months have been so busy! Phew! My booking rate at work is averaging over 80% - which basically means I have little time during work to think of nothing else but work. I suppose that's the way it's supposed to be? ㅋㅋㅋ These last few weekends have been filled with socializing (I have to fit that in occasionally to stay on the sane side of sanity). But soon I think I will have to shut myself off from people and social media and delve into book three wholeheartedly; I am really struggling to find the time to focus on it completely. It's about time I head off to some island for a few days and get some much needed RnR and refocus! It's monsoon season here in Korea, so I am absolutely feeling the moody, heavy rainfall inspiration that the UK used to give me.

The news:

If you want to grab a free copy of The Watcher of the Night Sky, look no further than NetGalley! It will be on there for the next month!: Feel free to share that link with any readers or bloggers you think will like the book!

The Watcher of the Night Sky is competing in The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover July Award 2018 and desperately needs your votes! Just scroll on down to the bottom of the page and select my lovely cover :D This competition is only for July!

You can also see her competing in the Tck Awards: You can find her in the Young Adult and Middle Grade category (second from the bottom of the list). She's about 4th place at the moment but the competition doesn't finish until December so .... please help out if you wish.

The book will also be participating in Cover Wars from 8th July so please make sure to check out this link then and help me win.

Don't forget to check out the Discover page, read interviews from authors and check out their books: Recently added is an interview with Sarah D. Harrell, the artist who drew my characters for this website! Plus, interviews with Maria Vermisoglou, J. L.Willow, Geoff Turner, Dove Winters, Book blogger Noel Walker and UI/UK designer Judy Lee! Coming soon: cover reveal and interview with Sarah Kenney.

Get inspired on the Inspiration page, or recommend something to be added that inspires you:

That's all for now. Today I hit 100% booking rate - meaning I actually taught 14 different students within 8 hours. My brain was ready to shutdown by the end. Thankfully tomorrow looks to be a lighter day - I don't want to be neglecting my author duties too much :D

Stay Gold and thank you to supporters and subscribers (old and new) for you support. Much love to you :D

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