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Convince Me

Week 3

As you know, I've started an MA in Creative Writing. Each week we have writing challenges based on certain styles or techniques. I thought I might share these pieces with you in my blog for two reasons.

First, because I am a writer after all! And it gives you a chance to get a feel of my work.

Second, to prompt you, if you are someone who wants to write or already does, to write your own under 500 piece. You can even share yours below in the comments if you wish!

Convince Me

You hate it. I know you do. I know you don’t want to wear it. None of us do. Not really. Not even with those really quirky designs coming out. And it sucks to only look into the eyes of others without seeing their mouths. We get it.

But it is not just about you. You need it not just for yourself, but for the vulnerable people around you. Think of your neighbours. Your friends. Your children. The high-risk people you don’t know personally but see wandering the streets of your town. Even that moaner across the street who berates your kids all the time.

But more than that. Think of all the breaths you won't need to smell. The amount of money you'll save on makeup. The grimace you can hide when someone says something dumb.

Go on. Get that mask on. It does more than you realise.

Stay Gold,


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