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First Assignment

Assignment One

I uploaded a piece a few weeks ago that was from the you perspective. I edited that piece and used it for my first assignment. The challenge was to get inspiration from another writer and incorporate it into my work. I chose Charles Dickens as the author and his use of personification and imagery in A Christmas Carol. This was the submission.

Creative Writing Piece: The Dragon

Fantasy Short Story Opening

The dragon loomed above, circling the village like a vulture in waiting. Great bronze spikes protruded from its massive blue-black head and trailed down its spine. The dragon drew closer as flames ignited in its maw. Then, it dived, spewing fire over the village. Chaos erupted around Grint. Villagers bolted, collided, shrieked for their loved ones. Grint grabbed Lilian and dived to the ground, his Herculean physique sheltering her.

When the deafening roar of the dragon faded and the horned, blue-black tail thrashed and disappeared, Grint emerged, engulfed in destruction. Flames reigned on the horizon, licking up and consuming buildings like ravenous beasts.

Grint’s knees buckled. He crashed to the ground amid thick, torrid smoke. His brother’s last words tore through his flesh, wrapped around his heart and squeezed. Vaguely aware of shouting, he felt a jolt, and then pressure on his shoulders. Blinking, he noticed Lilian’s face inches from his, screaming words he could not hear over the ringing in his ears. Tear-streaked dirt marred her beauty. She shook him. His cheek stung as she struck him.

‘...hand...’ was all he was he could make out.

This is my fault. This is my fault. The words repeated in his head like an invasive song. He couldn’t look. Wouldn’t look.

Grabbing his hair, she dragged him forward. She managed a few steps before he dug his knees in. Yelling profanities, she released him and stalked away. He forced his attention to the smouldering mound of rubble dominating where his brother’s house once stood. Crawling forward, Grint reached for the lifeless hand protruding out from under the pile of rubble. He grabbed it, begged it to react to his touch.

It didn’t.

He thrust his arms into the mound and clawed at the stones, tossing them aside as he tried to free his brother.

A rumbling snarl invaded the quiet air, stealing Grint’s attention. The dragon’s silhouette lingered above the dusty, orange-tinted skyline. Lillian squatted beside Grint and placed a cool hand on his warm cheek.

‘Grint!’ said Lillian. ‘Please, don’t.’

But nothing could tame the fire kindling inside him. Heat swelled in the pit of his stomach and flashed through his body. Red hot anger blotched his neck, tightened his jaw, intensified his fevered stare. It blazed through his torso, his veins, igniting his desire to retaliate.

‘Please,’ she begged him, wrapping delicate fingers around his wrist. ‘We need to dig him out.’

No amount of pleading, no attempts at appeasing him would extinguish the inferno raging within, pounding in his ears.

He felt his body elongate violently, forcing him to drop to his hands and knees. Bone-crushing fangs burst out and multiplied under his snout. A thick, snaking tail lashed behind him. Great, bat-like wings sprouted and expanded across his back, marking the end of his shifting. A guttural growl exploded from his throat, and smoke streamed out of his nostrils before he leapt up and barrelled towards the dragon.

That's it. I have the professor's feedback now, so I know in which areas I need to pay attention to in the future. When I first wrote it, I was very proud. But upon reflection, I do see her points. Hopefully, the next assignment will bring better results.

Stay Gold,


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