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Grumblings Grumbles of a Grumpy Grump

Yes, you read that right. Today's blog post is a grumpy one. Why? Because I am in the worst mood today.

But she's so happy all the time! What's wrong with Rachel? :O

Frankly, technology. I have wasted the better part of last night and today (it is now 4pm!) fiddling with some glitch in my blog that is causing elements to move and not be where they should be. The footer won't recognise the blog element and thus jumps up and blocks off half the post *sign*. Then, looking through the help options of the site host I discovered they'd upgraded the blog system but that previous blogs had not been previously carried into the system. So, the choice is to switch to the new system and manually upload all the old posts or stick with the old, glitch-y one.

Out with the old, in with the new.

I've abandoned all hopes of figuring out how to resolve the issue and upgraded to the new system. Therefore, all my old blog posts have been deleted. I could have spent several hours transfering the old posts, and I almost started to do so, then I realised, I wasn't prepared to do so. I'm already managing to find plenty of other reasons to avoid writing book 3 of The Aronia Series (I did NOT just admit that). Therefore, the blog is a fresh new start. Perhaps the old posts exist in the blogisphere, floating around waiting to be read. Who knows. I don't. And my grumpy mood is causing me not to care.

So, welcome to the new blog of Rachel Pudsey. Look at this lovely picture of some cutie Korea K-pop star. He sure helps to cheer me up. His smile reaches his eyes. Swoon. If any of you wonder what Clay looks like in my head, here you have it. He used to look like my ex-boyfriend, but well, he's the ex... so... he got locked out on my imagination.

Today is Father's Day (in the UK anyway) so I am listening to Harry Chapin - a great story teller through song - that my father listened to when I was young. It's a great way to think about and appreciate the man who raised me :D

Anyone who received my previous shout outs will already be aware that the website has been going through many changes. Welcome to new subscribers - I hope you enjoy the site (and my ramblings). My author news is as follows:

1. Seoul book fair is next weekend so I am heading there with non other than The Tinder Girl! Remember the Busan tale? I can't link you the post any more...

Remember my friend got food poisoning so hooked me up with his date? The VR writer. (don't get confused readers, I like men - we are just friends). She's heading on back to Korea from Sweden and is going to be my PR rep for the weekend. FUN! Got my business cards ready :D

So lets hope I can get some more exposure in old Korea!

2. The new elements are now live on the website, with interviews, book banners, and 3D books being added regularly. So please check them out and show your support to other authors. Also, don't forget to get some inspiration from the "Inspiration" page.

3. All of the character pages are now complete, so please take the opportunity to appreciate the awesome artwork of Jabberwockyface. The newly designed paperback copies of The Watcher and Faelti are NOW available, too. If you fancy grabbing a copy have a gander at Amazon. They've yet to be linked to the ebook, but they should be soon.

I think that's it. I'm going to be participating in some competitions soon, so I'll keep you posted if it required some voting :D.

Much love to you all. I hope your Sunday isn't as sour as mine.

Stay Gold,


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