Guest Post: Maria Vermisoglou

The Shifter's Revenge Excerpt

Chapter 1: La Rouge

Soon, the sun would set, and that made me feel sad.

School had started, and things had pretty much returned to normal, but no one remembered. Except me, I used to believe that only humans inhabited our world. I was wrong.


I quickly shifted my gaze toward the sound of my name. My best friend smirked. Kristy’s poppy colored hair rippled in the slight breeze. “Where are you running off to?”

“Nowhere.” I watched as the wind played with the leaves. The smell from a cherry pie reached my nose while a chestnut fell from the tree above me, cracking open its shell.

Kristy rolled her violet eyes and flapped her fairy wings. Until last year, I wouldn’t ever believe that seeing a fairy flutter her wings in amusement was something that would become a part of my day-to-day life.

“You just want to avoid talking about Halloween.” Kristy’s eyes twinkled at the revelation.

My face clouded at the mention of the worst celebration that existed in my opinion. Even if I knew the creatures were real, my feelings for the debauchery had not changed. “I don’t understand why you want to throw a Halloween party in the Blessed Realm. You creatures don’t believe in this nonsense of a celebration, nor do I.” I stomped my foot shaking the bench we were sitting on.

Halloween should be named the most ridiculous celebration ever existed. Coming from a town that celebrated it like there was no tomorrow, I had had more than enough of this. Fake costumes and food in shapes that terrified you? No, thanks. Of course, if they knew all the supernatural creatures and monsters were real, it wouldn’t be so funny. Would it?

The leaves in the forest had already started taking on an orange hue seducing the people inside but no one knew it better than me—dangers lurked in that forest. The last rays of sun painted the academy’s facade orange. All was calm now, but I still had nightmares about the night I faced our Headmaster, who turned out to be evil—

“If you want further incentive, Jacques will be there.”

I glared at her but I couldn’t stay mad at the mention of him. At the thought of Jacques, the whole world turned enchanted that no magic could compete. Jacques was a rabbit shifter. He was also my boyfriend. We’ve had our ups and downs but I haven’t seen him since our trip that summer and I longed to see him.

“And if you don’t come, he might show up here.”

I huffed the breath I was holding and rubbed my temple to relieve the tension that had gathered since the past months. I shot Kristy a withered look.

“Don’t look at me, you’re the one who made him stay behind. How did you manage that? I haven’t seen him back down from anything before.” Kristy shot me a look, and I raised my eyebrows.

“Isn’t that the reason you’re here? To keep an eye on me?” Heat rose in my cheeks, my inner turmoil threatening to swallow me whole.

“You know that’s not true. I love hanging out with you. Our shopping trips in the city are spectacular even though going to the library is not exactly my idea of having fun!” Kristy waved her hand, wrinkling her nose.

I tried to fight it but no one could resist a fairy’s joy and a smile bloomed on my lips. My gaze wandered to the dark forest and my grin disappeared faster than the vapors from a cauldron.

Ever since the events of the academy during the summer and Jacques’ resurrection, the fear of losing him didn’t leave my mind. The only reason I came to the academy was because it was far away from home. Only to discover it was the shifters’ hangout—the crazy kind—and there was a massive plot to take over the world with the humans as victims. Jacques was attacked and died. Everyone believes I am the stronger supernatural, yet I could not save him. He came back, but I still remembered the pain I felt when he left the world. “He’s safe there,” I mumbled, my eyes fixated on the colorful rug of leaves spread on my feet. The radiant kaleidoscope of the park faded and dark heavy clouds soared as my mind flew back to that horrid day.

Kristy folded her hand in mine and I felt the soft glow radiating from her body, filling my heart with a warm feeling. The flowers showed their petals, and the trees brought the fruits to the light. “He misses you. Come and we’ll have fun.”

I miss him too but I would never put him in danger even if that meant I could only see him a couple of times during the year.

“By the way, are you going to tell me how your holiday was?”

I let out an exasperated breath. “You’ve been asking me this question for so long now, and I have told you. What more do you want to know?”

Kristy widened her eyes. “What more? Everything! You only said Italy was magnificent, and that you had a wonderful time. You went there with your boyfriend for the first time without problems.” She banged her fist on her lap like an angry child. “Supernatural or otherwise. You need to tell me everything! It’s your duty as my best friend!”

A ringing bounced in the academy announcing the bad news. Kristy shook her head, pressing her fingers in her ears. “I know schools have bells, but this is worse than a Banshee’s cry!”

“It’s our curfew,” I said, relieved I was saved by the bell.

Kristy, like all the fairies, was a social character that wanted to know everything and sometimes, her mouth ran faster than her brain. However, my reluctance on telling her about my holiday with Jacques lay in the fact that my fairy friend might let it slip to someone and since I have lived in a small town, news spread faster than a flood. I didn’t want my holiday