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Ponyboy Curtis—My Book Crush

In today's blog I am going to keep things light and simple. I am, at times, quite heavy in my posts. And life today feels super heavy at the moment. So I thought I'd step away from that a dive into something a bit silly:

Book Boyfriends!!

Do you have a book crush? Did you have one growing up?

Hands down, when I was a teenager, Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders was my crush. I was obsessed with the outsiders in high school. I loved that S. E. Hinton was only seventeen when she wrote it—and envied her for it. I wished I had the talent to write a novel at that age.

C. Thomas Howell—the actor who played Ponyboy—was my favorite actor for years. Look at him. How could I not crush on him?? I would search and try to find any movie that he starred in. When he shows up in random TV shows I freak out! He was in an episode of Psych! and I was totally beaming (how great is Psych!?). Can't say I've felt that way about many actors in my time.

My school friends and I used to write letters to each other and sign them with Stay Gold and a character name from the story. I was Ponyboy (duh!). And that is the origin of the signature I used when writing a newsletter, email or blog, in case you wondered. It is the memorable line that Johnny says to Ponyboy in the hospital, and is based on the Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay—I have the title tattooed on my arm.

Do any of you have book tattoos?

Do you have any book crushes?

Who did you crush on when you were a teenager?

Share in the comments below :)

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