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Abigail Crumble


Meaning of name: Father's joy

Age: 16

Name at birth: Ella-Rose Fitzroy, after her birth mother's mother.

Hometown: Gracehill

Mother: Christine Crumble

Father: Benjamin Crumble

Best friend: Olivia Bellamy

Biological Father: King Enzo Fitzroy of Havenworth

Biological Mother: Queen Kathrine Fitzroy of Havenworth

Race: part human, part fae

Wants: to be a schoolmistress

Favourites: chocolate from Havenworth,

                     peaches, pine trees, school, reading

"You are beautiful, child.  

Let no one tell you different." - Christine Crumble


"The welfare of our child comes first, 

            does it not?" Benjamin Crumble

   "If some stupid boys have been

        making my friend miserable, then something

                      needs to be done." - Olivia


         "You have such passion to learn;

             such intelligence rare at your age.

               I am proud to believe you will go on to

                 bigger and better things." - Schoolmaster Bonham

                        "There's such fire in you." - Kai Sisu

      "This land has been broken for a long time,but I think [Kai Sisu]

       could finally destroy it. For this land to be restored, and him to be

          stopped, the kingdoms must unite as one.

               I believe you hold the power to do that." - Levana

What the suitors say:


"I would happily find a boar and slay it for you." - Prince Selwyn


"Well, you are a rather plain girl in appearance. Barely pretty, in my honest opinion, and someone I would not glance twice at were I not in love with you." - Cillian Frost


"You're so stubborn sometimes" - Clay


"I can not help the way I feel. I love Abigail and desire to be near her every minute of every day." - Prince Eric


"My heart is content in knowing you are happy in love." - Etva


"My love is as strong as the power of song." - Roan





The Characters


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Prince Selwyn

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