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Race: Faelti

Abilities: can manipulate fire, shrink in size, fly

Age: unknown

Name at birth: Savi (Kieli meaning Clay)

Birthplace: Aaravale Island

Mother: fae, daughter of Maa Tribe leader; earth manipulator

Father: Kai Sisu, faelti leader, fire manipulator

Grandfather: leader of the Maa Tribe

Tribe: Maa (earth manipulators)

Fact: fled Aaravale at the age of ten after accidentally causing his house to catch fire. He believes his mother died in the fire.

Companion: Helvi the horse



"I was eight years old when my power became evident. The day your power arrives is more important to the fae than your birthday and is celebrated each year rather than the day of your birth. It was the worst day of my life - for me and my mother."


"The tongue is nothing but fire, quick to injure and spread destruction. If nothing good or wise can be spoken, then do not speak.”



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The Characters


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Prince Selwyn

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