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Etva Volis Voilaris

Clan: Semeri Clan

Dislikes: gold, Ailvan Clan

Likes: being in battle, his axe

Race: Dwarf

Fact: His clan is beardless as a mark of respect towards a past dwarf whose beard was cut off by the enemy.

Fact #2: Etva had a beard until he completed his first battle, after which it was removed (as is the tradition).

Fact #3: The night before battle, a feast of chicken is eaten to commemorate the reason the war began.

Fact #4: It's customary for each family to host a first birthday party in which two items are laid before the child: a quill and a blunt knife. Should the quill be selected, the dwarf attends a school, focussed on studying history and record keeping. If he selects the knife, he is to do warrior training.

"No weapon or steal until death shall we yield." is the Semeri Clan motto.

"Words can be more harmful than wounds."

"We removed our beards as a mark of respect."


"Never take a dwarf’s ale if you value your life!"

 “A dwarf’s axe is his most precious possession...This axe has a long history. Eero Voinalis was the first to wield it when we dwarves lived on Saari Island. He brought it with him after the fae destroyed our home... Jari, his son, was the first to swing it against our enemy. Each dwarf who wielded this weapon has a great story to tell. It has been a faithful weapon to every one of our ancestors. It has proved its worth to me. I have no doubt it will do the same for you.” -Valto, Etva's father

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