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The Watcher of the Night Sky

“Whence upon the world began,
The Creator spread apart his hands,
The world He made, the Heavens too,
The light, the night, all bright and new.

The sky was next, as was the seas,
The land, the plants, the myriad trees.
The stars, like marks to count the days,
The sun and moon went their separate ways.

All creatures of the sea and air,
Of land He scattered everywhere.
Contented by His masterpiece,
Apportion night from day did He.

Until fulfilled the plan will be,
East and West play Sentries,
As fated lives and stars collide,
The world remains under His sight.”


“Levana the Sentinel; the Watcher of the Night Sky, twin sister of Ora, Watcher of the Day Sky, are two of the most handsome beings that ever a person could lay eyes upon...They are angelic, awe-inspiring beauties who have influenced many a painter, sculptor, and writer...Levana cursed royals and love and thus anyone related to royalty could be affected by a royal’s wish upon the stars.”  —Cillian

She's caused so much suffering over the years...Many have suffered extremely from wishing on the stars...She's the root behind the continued split of the three kingdoms. She's the reason for many of the wars and famines that this land has suffered from ...However you approach her, do

so with extreme caution." —Clay

"I am broken. My love for this land is gone. My love for my sister is gone.

My love for my God is gone. Everyone is right: Ora and I may look alike, but we are very different. She exuded brightness from the moment she was born. I exuded darkness. We are complete opposites, but she helped me find happiness in life as a child." 


The Characters


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Prince Selwyn

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