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Olivia Bellamy

Hometown: Gracehill

Parents: both ran off with another person

Siblings: one sister, Pearl - married with one child

Best Friend: Abigail Crumble

Favourite book: Falling in Love and the Outrageous Obstacles Overcome to Gain It by Lewis A.R.T. Goldman. 

Favourite topics: becoming a woman, marriage men, travel, fashion

dislikes: the colour blue

"If some stupid boys have been making my friend miserable, then something needs to be done." 

“I read a paper on the attributes of womanhood just last night. Many theorists believe the most vital turning point is the day we turn sixteen. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll likely feel the change when you wake. It’s similar to a tingling sensation and begins in your toes, working through your body until it reaches your nose.”

“A man must be handsome and well-groomed to acquire our attention. And of course, his fashion sense must be considered too. There has to be a sense of safety around him. He has to be a gentleman, spontaneous, and humble, but with a romantic edge. He must have high morals, and quite rightly, chivalry in his character. The perfect man scores a ten, but a woman may be satisfied with only four. I personally would be content with a six. I think I could do without the mystery or the high morals. A humble nature can be so boring at times. And spontaneity can be quite overwhelming.”

"You’re beautiful. Everybody says so. And you’ve already got boys trying to court you. You’ll likely be married in a year. Who wouldn’t want to be like you?” - Abigail

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