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Just like the pyskes, dwarves suffered a natural disaster upon their land that caused a mass evacuation. The original language of the dwarves is Kieli but after leaving Saari Island and moving to Aronia it became more common for them to speak the tongue of the humans. They are generally a very protective race who will defend what they believe in to the point of death. They are fond of meat, especially under-cooked as well as nuts and wine. They are not the biggest fan of vegetables.


The semeri dwarves are black haired. The men tend to shave their beards because they don't want to have any resemblance to the Ailva dwarves. Mining iron is the way of life for them and they wouldn't have it any other way. They detest the Ailva Clan, who mine gold, but do not mind the Urja Clan, who produce silver. Semerians will never wear gold and are mostly seen in steel armour but will occationally use silver due to trading with Urja Clan. They value their history and take great care in passing stories down to each other. They will trade for their own benefit to gain leather, wood, material for clothing, food and clean water. They have no issues about trading with towns and kingdoms in Aronia with Ailva being the only exception. There is a continuous battle between the Semeri and Ailva Clans.


Are fair haired, mostly blonde, with incredible beards. They mine gold and are reluctant to share their wealth with others. Although gold is traded, it is at an incredible cost and thus gold is quite rare and found only on the incredibly wealthy. They admire the sentinels and have crafted gold statues of Levana and Ora in worship. Some of Ailva clan work in Levana's dwelling, doing her bidding. 



The Urja clan are brunettes. They are a friendly bunch who are happy to share silver with the land. Silver is therefore a common element used for jewelry, crowns, and artifacts. They keep out of warring with the other dwarves and are happy to spend time with humans. They are situated between Havenworth and Aston and are often involved in their politics.

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