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The sudenkorento is a large beast that resides in Aaravale. There are some in Aronia due to the rising presence of the faelti. Each of the fae have their own sudenkorento - a gift given to them upon the birth of their powers. It is a sacred creature, considered similar to a brother in status.


The sudenkorento can shrink in size as well as engorge to a size large enough to be ridden. They have a similar appearance to dragonflies, though look more aggressive. They come in a variety of colours and designs. They are often used by the fae/faelti as transportation, but can also act as messengers due to their incredible speed. 


Legend tells us that the leader of the sudenkorento is called Antero Vipunen and is the protector of the deep knowledge and magic of Aaravale. Legend has it that if Antero Vipunen were to die, her death would destroy Aaravale and the fae.



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