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The faelti originate from Aaravale.  The word faelti means corrupted or one that abandons in Kieli, the language of Aaravale. There are a few ways in which a fae becomes a faelti:


First, through genetics. When two members of different tribes reproduce there is the possibility that the child will develop the ability to manipulate fire rather than the fae parents' original ability (wind, water, or earth manipulation). This ability is detested by the fae and thus when that ability becomes evident, he or she is rejected by society, hunted down and killed. Some have escaped and fled to Aronia. If faelti parents, both with fire abilities, reproduce there is still a likelihood, though small, that the child develops another ability.


The second is by a fae rebelling against the rules and traditions and choosing to no longer live like the fae. This second way is far less common and these particular faelti still have their original fae power.

The Faelti



The faelti, like the fae, are among the most beautiful beings in Aronia. They have the appearance of humans with a few subtle differences. They have pointed ears and small features. They have the ability to decrease in size, to around nine inches tall, and have wings that appear when required. The wings have an elemental association, which means that their appearance matches their power.


There are a few differences between the appearance of the fae and the faelti. They do not have tribal tattoos, and they have incredible blue eyes (with the exception of the faelti who have chosen to abandon the fae). 








The faelti live in Aronia, usually wandering alone or in very small groups. Some have turned into criminals, but most have kept to themselves: until the appearance of Kai Sisu. Since then, more and more of the faelti are gathering together and creating their own colony. In the olden days, the fae would have hunted all of the faelti ceaselessly, yet since the war and the massive depletion of the race, once the faelti reach Aronia the fae desist their chase. 





Their power is to manipulate fire (palo in Kieli). Fire has to be present for them to do so. Although their wings have the appearance of fire, they are like an illusion and can not be manipulated. It is possible, but rare, to find the other three elements among the faelti - these are the ones who have chosen to leave Aaravale and are thus similar to the fae either manipulating earth, wind, or water. 

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