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Originate from the Kelluva Isles and therefore speak Keili. Many pyskes moved to the land of Aronia after a natural disaster struck the islands surrounding Aaravale, killing many of the races. It is thought that the disaster was caused by the fae in an attempt to wipe out all other races, banding together and using their powers to strike the land, causing earthquakes, seismic waves and so forth.


Pyskes vary in appearance depending on gender. They have skin the colour and appearance of bark. Their eyes are black pin pricks. They have tiny ears and heart shaped faces. The men are bald and do not have wings. They are very acrobatic and can swing at an incredible rate through trees. The females have wings and can therefore fly. They also have wild green hair that sets them apart from the males. In one tribe there tends to be one female and the rest are male. There will be one Queen pyske, one male leader - but not necessarily a couple - and the male leader is usually selected by the Queen based on personality and strength of mischievousness. 


They are fond of music and dancing. Find fun in leading travellers astray and laugh at the ill will of others. They are partial to playing pranks on others.


They live in forests with houses commonly built within the trunks of trees leading to underground passages. They stick to living in woodland and are afraid to venture outwith wooded areas. They will always try to protect their habitat, seeing trespassers as a serious threat.


They love meat - since they rely upon hunting as a means to get it, it is like a celebration every time they have some. They hunt and gather in groups and have no problem with eating human flesh.

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