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The Fae


The fae have historically been an elusive race, so most information has been gathered via a small number of sources.


The language of the fae is Kieli.



There are three known tribes: Maa (Keili for earth) Tuuli (wind) and Vesi (water). Each tribe has a leader. 



The fae live long lives, at least a few hundred years. They are somewhat immortal, most poisons do not harm them but they can die from a fatal wound.




Depending on the tribe, the fae have the ability to manipulate the elements. There are three main elements: wind, earth and water. Therefore, members of the Tuuli tribe can manipulate the weather, members of the Maa tribe can manipulate the earth, and members of the Vesi tribe can influence the water. Independently, a fae’s power is quite weak. As a group, they become alarmingly powerful.

The fae were almost wiped out many years ago, during a war against the faelti. Since the war, they have never left the island of Aaravale.



The fae live in Aaravale, the largest island of the Kelluva Isles. Aaravale is a great source of plants that can be used as healing balms and tonics - hence why the island is commonly referred to as The Land of Healing. Since the security of the island is quite strict, it is incredibly difficult for a foreigner to enter without consequences and thus, the information on just how advanced they are is scarce. 



Once a fae’s power begins to appear they are marked with a tribal tattoo across their right cheek and neck that represents that power. These tattoos are given as part of sacred ritual to celebrate the birth of their power. Prior to the revelation of their ability young fae are commonly called fledglings. Their power usually surfaces between 8 and 10 years old, after which their power-birth date is celebrated annually. They tend not to celebrate their birth, but life in general. It is common for fae to not know their age.




The fae are among the most beautiful beings to live in Aronia. They have the appearance of humans with a few subtle differences. They have pointed ears and small features. They have the ability to decrease in size, to around nine inches tall, and have wings that are only present through choice. The style of their wings differs depending upon which tribe they belong to. Members of the Maa tribe have sand-like wings. Members of the Tuuli tribe have almost invisible wings, reflecting the movement of wind, and Vesi tribe member's wings have a watery appearance. They prefer to be clean shaven. They have tribal tattoos upon their right cheek stretching down their neck. The tattoo varies depending upon which tribe they are in.


They have strict codes of conduct and self-control. They see the body as part of nature and should not be abused. They adore nature and believe Mother Nature made the world and its beings. All have names associated with the elements or nature and do not have second names.




The fae only reproduce with members of their own tribe. They believe reproducing with another tribe to have caused an abnormal power: the power to manipulate fire. Any fae that forms that ability will be executed. They believe all other races to be a corrupted version of the fae. 

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